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Electronic Music

Status Transgression (fixed media)


Decoherence can be viewed as the loss of information from a system into the environment. No system is, in reality, perfectly isolated—but rather every system is loosely coupled with the energetic state of its surroundings.



Contortio Ratio (fixed media)


Torrents spin and hurl. Spectral residues cling to the spent energy. Chemical glues unravel and substances transform toward new assemblages. The connections are tenuous and shaken loose by heavy structural shifts.

Contortio Ratio can be parsed in three sections: The first section explores wavelet transformations as a means of deconstructing sounds. The material is reassembled, keeping the goal of causality in mind. The second section implies several different equal temperaments (6 divisions of 2:1, 9 divisions of 3:1, 9 divisions of 1.618:1, etc.) while never settling on any particular one. The pitched material is introduced over a sparse texture created using filtered impulses in a feedback system. The third section melds the material of the first two sections. It settles on a pitch system that takes the spectral characteristics of sounds from the first section and fuses those with the synthesized temperaments of the second section. In the creation of Contortio Ratio, the Supercollider programming language was the tool of choice for generating sonic material. Montage and mixing was performed in Digital Performer.


Emerge/Evolve (Analog and Digital Devices)

Emerge Evolve blends sounds from the physical, analog-electronic, and digital domains. Tactile surfaces of sound evoke synaesthetic sensations. Their timbres, deconstructed in the microstructure, morph freely along the continuum between the virtual and physical worlds. Life teems in strange sonic creatures that emerge and evolve as these worlds fuse.

9th root (fixed media)

9th root explores 9-tone equal temperament. In the first section, the opening motivic figures are shaped by a subtle and reactionary sonic landscape. Moving toward the second section, simple colors transform toward metallic sounds, reminiscent of gamelan. The opening three-note figure is expanded in a new polyphonic context. A portal between natural and artificial worlds shimmers briefly, but soon disappears. Dense chords transition to the final section where pointillist textures are fast overwhelmed by the three-note motive, which carries the work to its end.

Micromorphosis (fixed media)

Micromorphosis records the journey and transformation of particles in a rich and unusual sonic world. The beginning particulate material travels from its discrete incarnation (in the opening section) toward fused masses of continuous sound with complex inner structures (in the development section) and back to its original discrete form (in the recapitulation). This journey of the particles from discrete to fused forms the dramatic arc of the work.
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